‘Passengers’ is predictable yet entertaining


Photo credit: FilmAffinity

By Bella Lawson, Staff Reporter

“Passengers,” starring well-known and charismatic actors Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, portrays the lives of the only two awake spaceship riders Jim Preston (Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Lawrence) and the struggles they encounter on their ride to a new planet where they will start a new life. There are issues with the spaceship transporting them and thousands of other humans to Homestead II, Avalon. The ship collided with a comet, causing it to malfunction, and wake up the two passengers 90 years before they are supposed to wake, meanwhile everyone else is still asleep. These two characters, as the only awake of the passengers and members of the crew on the ship,  have to attempt to fix the ship and save the thousands of peoples still asleep awaiting their arrival to their new home.

Aside from the plot being completely predictable and the trailer inaccurately portraying the film as more of a romantic comedy, the charming leads make the movie enjoyable and keep the audience entertained. Despite much skepticism about the actors’ chemistry when working together, the relationship between Pratt and Lawrence was appropriate for the science fiction and fantasy movie.

Although the acting and interaction between the co-stars fit the movie very well, Lawrence played the exact same role she always plays: the strong woman who cries excessively and unnecessarily while the camera zooms in on her exaggerated face as she later assists in an attempt to save something or someone, whether it be Peeta Mellark in the “Hunger Games,” or in this case, saving the Avalor from endangering the lives of thousands.

The special effects in the movie, whether it was the period of time when the ship went through an area with zero gravity and the entire pool of water was lifted out of its enclosure or the visuals from space, were stunning and had the audience in awe. Also, the cinematography was mediocre at best for a feature film.

“Passengers” could have been a great family movie, especially with all the action and great actors. But, the romantic encounters between Jim and Aurora hidden in the plot of the science fiction film were unnecessary.