New remote learning plan takes effect on Dec. 7


Photo credit: Amelia Nowicki

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the district introduced the altered remote learning schedule for students. The plan, taking effect Monday, Dec. 7, implemented a new schedule structure and set of virtual guidelines, increasing time in synchronous Zoom classes and making the amount of student support more consistent. 

Regarding the major changes brought upon by the secondary-level schedule, students are now required to log into Zoom at 8 am each day, one hour earlier than before, with a required 8-12:15 Wednesday schedule. Breaks in-between classes are now 10 minutes as opposed to 15, and Tuesday and Friday schedules now begin with seventh hour courses. Additionally, students with tutorials are now required weekly to check into Zoom calls to ensure academic success and allow teachers to provide assistance. 

With the new plan, the district hopes to promote student involvement and achievement despite virtual restrictions. To meet this goal, one major element of the improved Zoom structure is for students to turn their cameras on more frequently. North administration, including vice principal Geoffrey Young, believes that this push, albeit difficult, is a major benefit of the revised schedule.

“We know those expectations may not always be easy, but they definitely are for the benefit of all students, and they help us feel connected to each other,” Young said in a video address regarding camera usage. “They help us to really have a good learning environment where community is being built at the same time.”