My date is fully vaccinated. Why can’t I bring them to Prom?


Photo credit: Gabbi Bielak

By Editorial Board

The state is progressing back to normal. Fans are returning to Comerica Park. School is back to near-full capacity. Our graduation has been altered from two separate events to one event.  In the past month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ruled that fully vaccinated citizens no longer have to wear masks around each other indoors and outdoors. Also, fully-vaccinated Grosse Pointe North students and teachers are not subject to quarantine after close contact interference. So why couldn’t we have brought fully vaccinated dates to prom? 

According to a study from UC Davis, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is reduced 65 percent while wearing a mask and only a very small percentage of fully vaccinated people have contracted COVID-19 (CDC). With the protection of a mask, and a full vaccine, the guests would not have been a worry. 

Schools across the state have already held their proms. A couple of weeks ago, Regina High School in Warren, MI,  hosted their prom. The event allowed dates from outside the school — vaccinated or unvaccinated — as well as full dancing with masks, and eating. Do the math. 

Our prom was no different than sitting down for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Six person tables were the maximum, and with many students who opted out, there is space for guests. The guests who would be attending would not be subject to spreading the virus, again they would have proof of full vaccination, and would be equipped with a mask. 

High schools are battling to get back to normal. Masks are no longer required for outdoor sports, and no longer required for vaccinated athletes participating in indoor athletics. If masks are no longer required for some high school sports, What would be the problem would bringing a fully vaccinated guest to a dinner?

School systems are loosening restrictions, we are protected, we are doing the best we can. If the school system was more qualified than the CDC to enforce restrictions, there would be no argument, but they are not. Listen to Dr. Fauci, listen to the CDC. If our dates are no longer required to wear masks indoors, we should have been able to bring them to prom.