Lights, camera, horror: your movie lineup for Halloween 2020


Looking to enjoy some quality Halloween flicks this fright night? Look no further, here’s your guide to an at-home scare-a-thon! Each movie and show is ranked on a scale of I-III with I meaning Casper the Friendly Ghost and III meaning never-sleep-again-spooky. To see summaries, click the film titles. Happy viewing!




Want something that you can watch for the few weeks after Halloween? Here’s a few shows that we recommend:

(I) “Goosebumps:” For fans of cheesy fun horror.

(I) “The Twilight Zone:” Fun ironic twists of fate in this awesome anthology series. 

(I) “Are You Afraid of the Dark:” Old-school Nickelodeon with a “Goosebumps”-style twist.

(II) “Supernatural:” Follows two brothers as they hunt down supernatural monsters and entities to save innocent people from them.

(II) Grimm:” A monster hunter that must keep balance between our world and a world of mythological creatures.

(II) “The X Files:” Sci-fi horror based around paranoia and conspiracies, with some aliens and other creatures thrown in for good measure.  

(III) The Haunting of Hill House:” Did someone say plot twist?

(III) “Stranger Things:” Everyone’s seen it, but it’s good sci-fi horror.

(III) Black Mirror:” Sci-fi drama about the dangers of modern technology with horrifyingly realistic twists.