Constant coordination

Photo Credit Google Images

Photo Credit Google Images

By Adam Schwartz, Staff Reporter

Executing technique and hand-eye coordination, “Darts of Fury” allows players to compete with friends and family in an entertaining game of skill and patience.

The objective of the game is to hit the highest point values to lower one’s score with three darts. Once the darts are used up, it’s the opponent’s turn. After winning a round, gamers win tokens that are used to customize their dart shape, style and more.

Winning more tokens gives the user a competitive advantage in future battles because it increases their efficiency. As players advance in the game, it becomes harder to lower their score because users can only hit point values that are lower than their current score.

Although this is a game, it trains the user’s skill set and keenness in a limited amount of time. In addition, customization options allow gamers to advance in their technique. This app is objectively for gameplay. There is no storyline that gets users intrigued in the game.

Because the game gets harder as it progresses and there is no concrete purpose, it may make many users bored. However, once players master the process, they’re able to upgrade their playing style. If players want a game that strengthens coordination and patience, “Darts of Fury” is a perfect fit.