Battle of the dyes

By Julia Liagre, Staff Reporter

Waking up in the morning and racing my siblings to find the hidden eggs has always been my favorite part of Easter which is why it’s so important to have a quality dye that leaves your eggs bright and pigmented. I put two different PAAS brand dyes to the test — the Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit that uses the classic tablet method for $3.99, as well as the Magical Color Cups available for the same price. 

Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit ★★★

The Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit included stickers, egg stands, dye tablets, a magic crayon and an egg dipper. I tested the blue tablet on a bare egg with no magic crayon or stickers, to really put the pigmentation to the test. Although it may just be my impatience, the process of waiting for the tablet to dissolve into the vinegar felt like it took forever — but it probably only took around 15 minutes. Right off the bat, I was annoyed. Once the tablet dissolved though, it was smooth sailing. The egg dipper proved sturdy enough to lower the egg into the glass without any trouble or flimsiness. In the end, the egg was a beautiful azure blue, although it did have some streaky lines. I would rate the PAAS Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit a 3 out of 5 stars because it included lots of extra accessories to make the egg decorating process more unique and fun, but the result wasn’t totally even, and it took a little too long to step up for my liking. 

Magical Color Cups ★★★★

The box of Magical Colors Cups included five color cups with one egg dipper and one magic crayon. The cups were something I’d never seen before, and I found them extremely innovative. Each plastic cup had fabric-like dye pads glued to the bottom, which unleashed color after you poured in the vinegar and water. The pigment was instantaneous, and for a restless person like me, that was perfect. The immediate color from the cups made the wait for the tablet feel five times longer. After removing the egg from the dye, it was stained a very deep blue that was smooth and consistent all over. I would rate this kit a 4 out of 5 stars because it was extremely easy and quick while also providing beautiful results, and is a very original idea. However, it didn’t include the same entertaining extras, like stickers, as the other kit did. 

Overall, if pigment is your goal, I would recommend  buying the PAAS Magical Color Cups. On the other hand, if you’re looking to entertain yourself or your kids and find the process of creating unique eggs more fun than the actual end result, the classic tablet PAAS Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit is the one for you.