“Air Born” exceeds former expectations

Photo credit: Wattpad

By Katelynn Mulder, Editor

“Air Born” by J.L. Pawley is a mix of fantasy and science fiction that is sure to attract any fiction lover. With many new twists, the novel hardly resembles “First Flight,” the first draft of the book previously available on Wattpad and Amazon. This allows for both old and new readers to experience the story from the beginning.

The book introduces the reader to Tyler Owen, a 17-year-old boy hoping to someday join the Air Force and follow in his father’s footsteps. However, on his first solo dive, his dreams come crashing down when he suddenly sprouts wings. Sent on the run, he quickly realizes that he is not the only one of his kind. With tons of action and suspense, the plot is fast paced and will keep readers invested and longing for the sequel.

The characters’ personalities and life stories are diverse, making each unique. From the mysterious pair of Owl and Raven to the confrontational Falcon, thieving yet caring Kestrel and religiously loyal Miguel, each character is interesting and memorable.

The only negative aspect of these characters is that the love triangle among Miguel, Tyler and Kestrel seems forced at times, as in one chapter, the three are acting as friends and the next, there is suddenly conflict and tension among them. However, this is a small issue that is quickly fixed throughout the rest of the book, which takes its time developing the relationships.

Another downside is the book’s price. Since it is only being published in New Zealand, it already costs $16.84 without adding in shipping. There are also Russian and Chinese versions that are going to be published, however versions for the United States and the United Kingdom are still pending. However, it’s worth it for any longtime fans who had followed the series on Wattpad or other self-publishing platforms before the books were rewritten and professionally published. With multiple changes — varying from minor details and back stories to complete rewrites of sections of the plot — returning readers will find that they feel like they are reading an entirely new series that has still managed to keep their favorite characters intact.