‘How to Murder Your Life’ falls flat

How to Murder Your Life falls flat

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By Josie Bennett, Editor

Beauty enthusiast Caitlin Marnell, or Cat for short, is a New York-based writer who was formerly the beauty editor of Lucky Magazine but now works with XoJane. She dipped her nails in the autobiography genre with her book “How to Murder Your Life.”

At first look the book seems very intriguing, especially with a title that makes readers become sucked into its allure. However, contrary to the allure, this autobiography brings no color to the genre.

It follows a very typical formula of someone climbing from rock bottom to something better. It follows Marnell’s horrendous struggles with addiction as she wades through life in the fashion and beauty writing business.

Normally this wouldn’t really be a downside because everyone has their own experience with this topic, which actually makes it very provocative. Though “How to Murder your Life” falls flat in places, and it just doesn’t make the cut. It’s jumbled and hard to follow to the point where readers question finishing it.

It’s jumbled and hard to follow to the point where readers question finishing it.”

Even though its downsides are rather large, it’s not a terrible read. Her character shines throughout the whole memoir and can grip a reader even if the content might feel a bit lacking.

She has an appealing writing voice. It’s hip and fresh and isn’t drab for a memoir. It really shows her soul. Her raw honesty throughout “How to Murder Your Life” is another draw because of her writing style it just seems more raw and real.

So for those who are looking for a good binge book to mull over, “How to Murder Your Life” is a book to check out. However, it’s not for everyone because it definitely caters to a specific readership. So if the beauty business or the overcoming addiction story are something readers enjoy, they should check it out.