Keeping it brief: five things to know for the week of June 6-12


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Boxer Muhammad Ali died this past weekend.

By Sarah Wietecha, Digital Editor

  1. World famous boxer Muhammad Ali dies at 74

    On Saturday June 4, boxing legend, Muhammad Ali passed away after being hospitalized Monday morning for respiratory reasons. His death has sparked a debate about septic shockthe cause of his deatha condition where infection in the body causes organ failure and severely low blood pressure. He will be honored in a public funeral in the coming week. More info on Ali’s death here.

  2. Presidential primaries come to a close

    On Tuesday, 6 of the 7 final primaries for the presidential race will be held in Montana, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. Washington D.C’s will be held June 14. These final votes will catapult two of the nominees into the slots for the Democratic and Republican nomination for President. For a full list of the primary results so far, click here.

  3. Tropical storm Colin continues to move through Florida

    New tropical storm Colin continues to move through Florida. Governor Rick Scott is bracing the state for floods and damage in the next few days. Read more and track the storm here.

  4. Chicago Zoo’s newest arrival named after Broadway star

    The Chicago Zoo welcomed their newest arrival, a Bactrian camel this past week. The calf was named Alexander Camelton, in honor of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. To read more about Alexander Camelton click here.

  5. Tony Awards premiere this Sunday

    The 70th annual Tony Awards will go live from New York City this Sunday night at 8 on CBS. Nominations for Best Musical include Hamilton, Shuffle Along, Bright Star, School of Rock-The Musical and Waitress. For more info on The Tony’s and list of other categories and nominations, click here.