It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show: The inside scoop on Fleury’s new drama class

By Ella McCarthy and Connor McGrail

AND SCENE! | In the drama class, Wright notes that they play many games to practice what they have learned, such as Tablo. “One person does one movement and makes one sound, and then other people have to build off of that so you’re making a machine and working as a whole which I think is really incredible,” Wright said.
(Photo credit: Sasha Poradun)

Here at North, the drama program has been given the addition of the brand new drama class. Through this course students have found new ways to express themselves and get creative.

English and drama teacher, Anna Fleury, expresses her excitement about teaching and being a part of this new class. 

“It forces me to be creative in a different way and it allows me to explore a passion of mine which is theater,” Fleury said. “I love theater [and] I love acting so I’m excited to get back to it.”

North’s new theater director, Michael Gravame, admits that he and Fleury work as a team to try and amp up engagement in the theater program. He expresses that it’s still a work in progress as the class hasn’t been offered at North in several years.

“The two of us are joining forces so that we can work together to excite people more about the theater program,” Gravame said. “[However], the kids have such a thirst for knowledge in theater so their excitement and enthusiasm really excites me about this position.”

Although the new class hasn’t yet garnered the attention of all students, senior and drama club director, Naima Wright, knew for certain that it was the right fit for her. Wright has been a part of North’s theater program since her freshman year and speaks highly of what the drama class has to offer. 

“It’s such a cool thing to get out of your comfort zone and portray another person, object, or character,” Wright said. “To just have the ability to do that I think it’s a great experience and a great time.”

For students like Wright interested in the course, Fleury wants them to find that their imaginations can help them go far in not only the class, but in their futures. 

“I hope [the class] expands their creativity and their form of expression,” Fleury said. “I also hope it gives them stage presence, confidence of being in front of people, and [gives] them another outlet for creative expression.”

Gravame also knows that theater is capable of teaching students more than just one lesson, and it is one of the reasons he encourages students to take the class.

“Even if they aren’t going into theater [for a career] it’s a great way to get out of your shell,” Gravame said. “Theater teaches so many life skills that people don’t even think about like memorization and working as a team, [or] working with a partner and building trust.”

The drama program offers more than one may expect and Wright speaks on how being a part of it has shaped her into the person she is today. She notes that it’s not just the experience and knowledge she’s gained in being a part of it, but also the connections she’s made.

“Through the past couple of years I’ve been surrounded by great people through programs like choir and drama,” Wright said. “I’ve made some of the best friends of my life whether you’re onstage [performing] or offstage doing makeup, it’s just a good time no matter what.”