Predictions: Michigan will beat Michigan State in rivalry game tomorrow


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THE BIG GAME | Michigan State Spartans defensive back Jalen Watts-Jackson (20) dives into the end zone for a game winning touchdown as the clock runs out in the fourth quarter against the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House last season.

By Billy Steigelman, Assistant Editor

A game between a 7-0 and 2-5 team might not seem like a big deal on paper, but that could not be farther from the truth. On Saturday, #2 ranked Michigan will take on a struggling Michigan State team who has lost their last five games.

They will come into this game as different as two rivals can be. Michigan is perceived to be one of the best teams in the country and Michigan State is fighting for even a chance to make a bowl game. But to think this game is just between a good and a bad team couldn’t be more false.

Everyone remembers how last year’s game ended, the failed punt, one of the most improbable endings to a college football game ever. Both teams remember it, and both will watch it over and over this week leading up to the game.

This year though, one punt won’t be able to make a difference in the game. Michigan should absolutely destroy the Spartans. They’re just the superior team. Even with an offence that isn’t great they should still be able to put up 30+ points on MSU’s weak defence. And as far as defence goes, Michigan ranks in the top five for almost every stat imaginable.

While all of this should happen, it is a rivalry, and anything can happen, as seen in last years game. To win, MSU is going have to play a physical game and get in the head of Michigan players.

Keys for Michigan: To win this game by as much as they should Michigan is going to have to jump out to a fast start and keep on scoring. As long as their offence is playing well they will win this game easily. Their defence will do what they have done all throughout the entire season and continue to shut down the opposing team’s offence.

Keys for Michigan State: If Michigan State is able to pull off this upset they’ll have to come out of the gate strong. Being that they probably won’t be able to score a lot of points, they have to keep it within 10 points during the entire game. Another thing they have to prevent is big plays that will give Michigan the momentum and take the fans out of the game.

Final Score Prediction: Michigan 34, Michigan State 10

I perceive this game to be closer than expected than what the score shows. The first half should be close as MSU will be pumped up and have the stadium behind them for their biggest game of the year. But when the second half comes around Michigan will just be able to wear them down and will show why they are 7-0 and Michigan State is 2-5.