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Medicine over narcissism

By Erin Kaled, Editor

With all the media’s focus on President Donald Trump’s new administration, media outlets are slipping on their coverage of new and improved pharmaceutical studies.

Breakthroughs are continually being made in the scientific community, yet barely any are covered on the news across the country. Televisions across the globe are lit up with President Trump’s face, showcasing his every move. The focus has gotten away from equally important things, like the progress being made every day towards new medicine and hope for ailing people.

If people were more interested in medical advancements rather than whether or not President Trump will be tweeting about an ‘SNL’ (Saturday Night Live) skit that paints him in a bad light, people might be more optimistic about the future.

Pills that are usually given to cancer patients are being tested to see if they make the average dog’s lifespan longer. Clinical trials are taking place to detect if vitamin C therapy aids are helpful in detecting and treating cancer. The medical, environmental and tech communities are making advancements every day, yet rarely get the credit they deserve.

Research shows that air pollution might cause more of a risk in latino children for diabetes. Yet people don’t know or care about that unless they scroll down to the very bottom of their news site and click on “health.”

Usually around this time of year, microbiology and improvements in medicine are the only things that take up the news. If people were less glued to their screens, maybe the fact that Georgia lawmakers thought about creating a law to change medications every week for ADHD sufferers would be talked about. Or the fact that someday humans might be able to make babies by only using skin cells.

The world of medicine is more interesting than celebrities having twins or a major political leader placing a ban on other countries. There are endless discoveries and growth in the scientific community that nobody ever really reads about unless they go to the source itself.

If the news wasn’t so obsessed with unimportant and childish things, the world would be more healthy.

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