Link Crew holds activities for freshmen on Monday mornings


Photo credit: Lauren Sexton

Freshmen talk with their Link Crew leaders on Monday, Feb. 13.

By Billy Steigelman, Assistant Editor

On Monday, Feb. 13 and March 27, Link Crew will hold activities for freshmen starting at 8 a.m., so the Class of 2020 will not have late start. The event will be filled with many activities and games that aim to challenge and help freshmen create new goals for second semester.

Link Crew adviser Andrew Taylor hopes to see the event help students grow and rekindle the ideas that were shared from the orientation Link Crew held in August.  

“We want to reconnect with freshman to their mentors,” Taylor said. “We’ve had things throughout the year that they could come to like exam studies and a few other activities, but we want something that freshmen can come to in large numbers and remind them of some of the things they learned in August about what we do at North.”

The idea came of meeting back up with their crew came from officers of Link Crew who felt they were not getting enough time with their mentees. The problem of when and where to hold the event was a problem as there wasn’t a good time to get a large group together because of after school activities and different lunches. Other Link Crew advisers came up with the idea to hold it before school on late start Monday for the highest chance of getting as many students together as possible.

While it is only happening twice this year, Link Crew hopes to expand the events for next year so mentors are meeting back up with their crew four times a year.

“What we want to do in the future is have it be part of the official school schedule where freshmen come back four times a year and meet back up with their mentors and do some activities just like they did in August,” Taylor said. “Since we’re in the middle of the school year it’s new and we’ll roll it out less formally, but we’re expecting that next year it’s part of the school schedule that you get in August, so it’s like you have orientation this day then you come back this day and this day and so on, and you’ll have it from the very beginning.”