KIB: Week of 5/27


By Adam Schwartz, Page Editor

1)Senior Exams begin on Tuesday, May 29. There will be two exams each day, with the last exam on Friday, June 1st. During Senior exams, all underclassmen will have two 90 minute class periods on Tuesday through Thursday, and one extended period on Friday before continuing the rest of their classes like normal. To view the senior exam schedule, click here.

2) Tropical storm Alberto is on the horizon this Memorial Day weekend. This major storm near Florida has kept vacationers off the nearby beach and ocean areas. It is located about 135 miles west of Tampa. For more information and updates, click here.

3)The Detroit Tigers opened a four-game set against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Monday, May 27. The Detroit Tigers have just completed a three-game series against the White Sox, in which they took two of three. After the May 27 game, they will continue to wrap up their homestand with the Blue Jays and Yankees. To order tickets, click here.

4) On Saturday, June 2nd, there will SAT subject testing at North. Testing begins at 8 A.M., so students should arrive on time and ready to begin testing. For more information on other SAT testing dates at North, click here to view the calendar.

5) A new comedy, Action Point, revolves around an amusement park that D.C. where the rides are unsafe pieces of junk. However, when a new park is opened nearby to compete with it, everything must be risked for the owner to try and improve his relationship with both his daughter and the amusement park. To order tickets for the June 1st release date, click here.