HCIC revived post pandemic: more opportunities to explore the medical field

By Annabelle Julien and Troy Lipscomb

Photo credit: Annabelle Julien

The Health Careers Investigations Club at North has tried to increase the amount of students pursuing careers in the medical field since 2006. Like Applied Med, a senior course that allows for hands-on learning through rotations at several different medical facilities, HCIC members lost the ability to work alongside medical professionals due to COVID-19. Because of this loss, HCIC advisor and Applied Med teacher Sue Speirs, felt it was appropriate to halt meetings. Now, post pandemic, Speirs is looking to resume meetings.

“[Our mission is] to provide [our] members with opportunities for career awareness and exploration of health care fields, while promoting high ideals of caring and compassion in service to others,” Speirs said. “We are committed to recruiting students into health careers by providing educational events and activities related to health occupations and professions.”

Although both HCIC and Applied Med relate to the medical field, HCIC provides an opportunity to explore the medical field without the scheduling commitment of a class. 

“The HCIC is open for grades 9-12 and has traditionally implemented the guest lecture series where various medical professionals come to [North] through the HCIC as guest speakers,” Speirs said. “Prior to COVID-19, the HCIC student leadership formed a partnership with the Michigan Physiological Society which opened opportunities for connecting with various research scientists at various Universities throughout Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Canada.”

Applied Med is the more hands-on option of the two with the opportunity to participate in rotations at hospitals and doing labs. Senior Applied Med student Grace Lemanski is appreciative of the ability to experience the unique and interactive learning environment. 

“I would definitely recommend this class to everyone, even those who are unsure because it gives students interested in the medical field, or not, a chance to explore new topics and ideas,” Lemanski said. 

HCIC provides a space for learning outside of school hours. Unable to fit Applied Med into her schedule, senior HCIC member Lauren Huizdos says the club is another way for her to express her passions without interfering with her courses, and she recommends it to anyone who is interested in medicine.

“I joined HCIC because I thought it would be a fun way to explore the different areas of the medical field,” Huizdos said. “Because Applied Med is usually a senior class, I would definitely recommend participating in HCIC during the years prior to your senior year. This could help you gain an idea of what the class would be about, and would also prepare you for the content of the class.”