Happy and healthy reinvented

In 2021’s version of the winter season, it’s gotten even harder to be health conscious. That being said, it’s still important to dive deeper into the unconventional ways to stay healthy during the holiday season. However, whether it be foods you haven’t heard of or activities you didn’t know were exercise, it is possible to stay fit in the winter seasons. 

Indoor exercise is restricted in facilities due to Covid-19, but there are still ways to stay fit inside your own home. Thankfully, costly exercise equipment isn’t needed for an at-home work out. Yoga is one way to stay fit, without any cost, as it can be done from the comfort of your living room.

Skiing and ice skating are additional great ways to stay fit during the winter months. Just one hour of downhill skiing burns between 400-500 calories. Although, there are many possible injuries along with it. As opposed to skiing, ice skating is a safer option, and you still burn off over 300 calories an hour. 

If snow and ice aren’t available, try roller skating. Hit the skate park for some aggressive exercise, or just roll down the block for a simple workout. Equipment for these sports may be expensive, but your health is worth it.

After an afternoon on the slopes or rolling through town, don’t waste those calories you lost on unnecessary fats or carbs. A healthy, balanced diet is supplemental to exercise, so aim to replace calorie dense foods with better substitutes. Look for healthy fats and nutrients in foods that you usually pass in the grocery store as an easy way to integrate healthier eating into a daily diet.

With diets, we also need to ditch the stigma of fresh produce only being available in the spring and summer months. For example, cabbage, brussel sprouts and radishes are all in-season vegetables with plenty of nutritional value. So, even though the winter months typically call for hearty stews and pot roasts, sticking to a more balanced diet is crucial to overall health. Be especially aware of sugar intake at this time of year, even excess starchy vegetables can be an issue. After entering your system, carbs break down into glucose and may be the cause of any extra weight gain. 

Whether it’s lacing up a pair of roller skates, chopping up some locally grown cabbage or buckling on a pair of skis, put in the extra effort to stay healthy this winter season. It’s easier to stay in shape than you think, and despite the cold you can have fun exercising and enjoying good food.