Faces In The Crowd: Zac Ozormoor


By Colin Haroutunian, Intern

Describing himself as a “console nerd,” junior Zac Ozormoor has been playing video games since he was in elementary school.

Ozormoor said that he prefers to play difficult games since he likes the challenge. He said that he has enjoyed playing the game Dark Souls 3 for its theme and the effort it requires to overcome the challenges.

“(Dark Souls 3) has like a medieval, dark tone setting. It’s basically a game, sort of like trial and error,” Ozormoor said. “You go around killing a lot of things and you end up getting killed most of the time.”

Ozormoor has a tight schedule, balancing his classwork with extracurriculars and a job. Even so, Ozormoor finds ways to make time available in order to play video games.

“When I get home, if it’s from work, I try to see if I can play as long as possible, sometimes even going into midnight and past,” he said.