Expanding the coves

By Stephanie Karoutsos, Intern

The historic shoreline and aesthetic scenery of Edsel Ford House’s Ford Cove makes it a popular area for environmental activities. The Ford Estate is currently in the process of making a new shoreline because the shoreline prior was inaccessible for educational and recreational activities.

With the expansion, improvements will be made to the coastal wetlands and shoreline. As director of landscape at the Edsel Ford house, Kevin Drotos stresses the importance of preserving Ford Cove.

 “Ford Cove is a popular fishing and birding destination, so this project is providing immediate and lasting benefits to the recreational fishing community,” Drotos said. “Improved habitat for birds is an important migratory flyway, as well as an aesthetically improved site enjoyed by large numbers of Lake St. Clair boaters and visitors to the Ford House.”