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“When she [Phoebe Bridger]  played ‘I know the End’ and everyone was screaming,” Bernas said. “That was awesome.”

Photo credit: Pheobe Bridgers Instagram

“When she [Phoebe Bridger] played ‘I know the End’ and everyone was screaming,” Bernas said. “That was awesome.”

By Annabelle Julien, Section editor

Though the global pandemic is not fully behind us, the general public has been falling back into a more normal routine. With this, concerts are beginning to resurface. 

For senior Eleanor Bernas, who has attended concerts like Carly Rae Jepsen and Princess Nokia pre-pandemic, seeing alternative artist Phoebe Bridgers was a new experience. 

“[The concert] was outdoors, which was different,” Bernas said.  “It was in a tarp and because of that we had to deal with delays because of the weather.” 

The Phoebe Bridgers concert had originally been scheduled for two separate dates at the Royal Oak Theater, but for precautionary reasons the venue changed to one night at the Aretha Franklin Theater in Detroit. According to Bernas, weather conditions slightly affected her experience, but she still loved the concert. 

“It was super good. She sounds just as good, if not better, live,” Bernas said. “She had a really good stage presence.”

English teacher and avid music fan Paul Golm is going to his first concert since 2019 this April to see The Big Thief, a band he has followed since 2016. Different artists are doing different things to make their concerts possible this year. The Big Thief concert is currently scheduled to be at the Royal Oak Music Theater, and there will be vaccination requirements to attend. Golm admits he is hesitant to attend concerts now, but is optimistic our current situation will change by the spring.

“To be honest, I would be nervous to go to an indoor concert right now,” Golm said. “I am hopeful next April will feel even more safe!”

Concerts resurfacing has also opened up new opportunities for local band Boys of Summer, and according to member and Junior Charlie Bomgaars, performing and practicing became more unconventional performances. 

“During quarantine we added a lot of songs to our set list, and practiced individually,” Bomgaars said. “Last spring we did all outdoor shows, we even practiced outside.”

Although quarantine made performing challenging, Bomgaars is excited to perform again. 

“We played lots of grad parties last spring, and we didn’t do much over the summer, but now we’re starting back up again,” Bomgaars said. “We played at the Detroit marathon and we will be playing at the tailgate this Friday [North v. South tailgate].” 

Though his concert is months away Golm has high expectations for new incoming fans due to the new music the band plans to release before the concert. 

“I hope these new fans will be nice and not talk to each other during the show,” Golm said. “Be quiet; listen to the music.”

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