The advantages and disadvantages of holiday shopping


Photo credit: Flickr

By Emily McCloskey, Intern

Right after Thanksgiving dinner, Freshman Keelin McCarthy heads out to the mall with her family to go Black Friday shopping. While many people find the fighting over products to be overwhelming, the thrill is a highlight for McCarthy.

“I like running around and grabbing TVs from people,” she said.

During the holiday season, the large crowds of people gathered at stores makes Black Friday the most profitable day of the year for businesses. According to CNN, businesses in 2016 generate roughly $5.2 billion in profit and $1.9 billion of that revenue comes from online sales.

As technology advances, so does the way people purchase goods. Retailers are including sales online which allow more people to shop at home rather than in-store.

French teacher Pamela Foster shops online and has found Cyber Monday provides her a convenient opportunity to snatch upcoming deals.

“I prefer Cyber Monday now because I’m a mom, and it’s really hard to go shopping with the kids on Black Friday,” she said. “But back before I had kids, I was always out on Black Friday, starting the Christmas season.”

Freshman Ceci Doerr sees the benefits to shopping online but prefers the experience of shopping in-store.

“Everyone thinks it’s kind of super crazy or whatever. I guess it just depends on where you go,” Doerr said. “It’s not really as crazy anymore, really. Usually, when I go, there’s no one really at the stores.”

Doerr enjoys shopping with her family.

“My mom and I always go to Ulta and shop. She knows nothing about makeup so I always teach her stuff,” Doerr said. “We get great deals on really good quality things. Then after getting lots of stuff at Ulta, we went to Auntie Anne’s and got pretzels — which was really fun.”