Norsemen tide doesn’t come to play

By Christina Shea and Olivia Dodenhoff

Over the last year, Norsemen Tide has dominated the student section at North sporting events.  Norsemen Tide is a group that aims to support and encourage student athletes during their games. Senior Mitchell Mills plays a key role in the coordination of the group, leading the student body by cheering, waving the North flag, and wearing themed apparel. 

“I try to be a leader at the games,” Mills said. “I love supporting my school and I want everyone to have tons of school spirit.”  

Mills engages with students, teachers, and staff to organize and promote events. Through his position, he has gotten to know a wide variety of people in the North community which has been very enjoyable for him. 

“My favorite part is just getting to talk to everyone and meet everyone from all over the school,” Mills said. 

Even though Mills makes up the majority of Norsemen Tide, there are many more students with significant roles. Senior Jenna McSkimming, who joins Mills to support all sports teams, helps run the social media aspect of Norsemen Tide.

“I like to repost the Norsemen Tide posts on Instagram to my story, so other people that follow me can see it too,” McSkimming said.

Because of the posts on social media, more students are aware of upcoming games, along with the theme for each one. With more and more students attending sporting events, the student athletes are receiving support which has a positive impact on their play.

“When you have people cheering you on, it’s super exciting and it makes you want to try harder for your school and the people watching you,” McSkimming said.

Not only are the student athletes seeing a difference in the student sections as a result of Norsemen Tide, but coaches are also noticing the effect from the organization. Varsity field hockey coach Sara Gentile is coaching the varsity team for the first time here at North. Even though it’s her first run with the varsity girls, she loves the encouraging environment Norsemen Tide creates.

“It gives them that boost of self confidence that they need in order to continue the game and boost their spirits,” Gentile said. 

Norsemen Tide is more than just a student section. This group promotes composition of the sport through it’s platform. Gentile appreciates that people are becoming more knowledgeable about the sport.

“I think it helps people to learn about field hockey because it is a sport that not many people know the rules or anything,” Gentile said.