“64.0”: an escape from regular, routine repetition

“64.0”: an escape from regular, routine repetition

By Colin Haroutunian, Staff Reporter

Growing in intensity and complexity over the course of its challenging modes, “64.0”  is best characterized as a collection of difficult time trials. The levels each have their own styles, with an accelerating pace to handle overtime.

Controlling a rotatable square in the center of the screen, the player is set inside of a compact, square arena with passageways in the middle of each side. To be successful, the player’s hope is to avoid being struck by oncoming enemy squares, swarming from all of the entrances. To do this, the only method is to fire projectiles at the foes, accomplished when the arrow keys are pressed in their directions.

As an extra layer of complication, friendly squares may be dispersed in the frey. They cannot be fired upon or else risk the game to reset. These allied squares restrict the player from simply spamming the four arrow keys at once, producing quick choices.

In terms of visuals, the graphics are practically the bare minimum for a game. Yet, the dull, clean coloration between the background and the squares is great, for it doesn’t distract the player’s focus away from the objective.

Every mode has its own internal progression, segmenting the trials into multiple portions and providing an easy manner of gauging how far along the player is. Rather than using typical external objectives – such as trophies, unlockable customizations, and others- to guide the player, the target is to simply survive as long as possible.

The process is fostered by a soundtrack with differing rhythms per section, plus a diverse array of patterns for the squares to arrive in. In return, there is less reliance on the timer, not distracting the player from the high speed gameplay, which would otherwise risk a reset. The first mode displays the combination perfectly, as there is a spiral of oncoming squares in the second section, blended with its own sound.

At least in the short term, any possible monotony can be disregarded for the rapid arcade game, for the constant division of the modes ensure that “64.0” well retains the attention of players to the pace.