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Anu Subramaniam
When I’m not pretending to be Dr. Cristina Yang, I am either in the North Pointe room or trying to take a nap somewhere. While my reality lacks blue scrubs and hospital drama, it includes being Editor-in-Chief of North Pointe. I have been on staff for four years and am in charge of making sure the paper has solid content that gets to print on time. In addition to being on North Pointe’s staff, I have played two varsity sports (tennis and synchronized swimming) since freshman year and was captain of the tennis team. I am also Treasurer for the Class of 2016 Student Council, a member of WILLOW, Link Crew, Strong Girls, NHS and Spirit Committee, and a volunteer at the hospital and at a nephrologist office. I am a yogurt enthusiast, a public-bathroom-aphob and a Grey’s Anatomy addict (been watching since 2009). Thanks for taking the time to check out the website and hope you like what you see.

Anu Subramaniam, Print Editor-in-Chief

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