How to stay busy during quarantine


COVID-19 has caused many hardships on people’s lives, one of which is the widespread lockdown enforced on everyone. A lot of people have also been struggling with what to do during the lockdown. So here are three activities that can help to keep you entertained and positive.


During this lockdown, the best thing that you can do to make your life occupied is starting a diary. Starting a diary could help you write some things you’ve been feeling and no one knows about it. Writing can also help you refresh your brain and you also learn something new about yourself. Honestly, this idea could help a lot of people because they can stop thinking about other things and think about something that is relevant and important. To help get you started, check out this article from HuffPost for writing ideas: 7 Journal Writing Prompts for Beginners.


Another thing you can do is baking something or cooking something. If you have never cooked in your life this is a chance to learn and make something. Cooking and baking is also shown to reduce stress and make people feel happier. To get started, look at @cookingwithshereen or @iamtabithabrown on TikTok for easy and fun cooking videos that are 60 seconds or less. Also you can always look at YouTube on some easy cooking ideas. Some dishes that I would recommend are something easy and self explanatory like omelettes, grilled cheese, or pasta. Cooking also helps you from getting bored because it makes you do something that is fun and you can always enjoy. You can also invite your loved one to cook with you and on that you can bond and have fun as a family.


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This is one of the best activities you can do that can help your way of thinking about life. Meditation improves your well being and relieves you of all the stress you are experiencing. To get started on your meditation journey, download Headspace or Calm from the app store. Calm is something different because it has different options on what you can use to relieve stress. Downloading this app on your phone would help you in your daily life when you’re out somewhere and you’re having anxiety, you can always open one of these apps and feel better. Also you can recommend these apps to your friends that struggle with anxiety or depression.