Wellness Wednesday seminars offered for mental health support among students


Photo credit: Brandon Miller

“…my goal is to try to get everyone to kind of create connections with other people,” television production teacher Brian Stackpoole said.

By Brandon Miller

New amidst remote learning, Wellness Wednesday seminars are a new opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers that they may not otherwise get a chance to see, as well as offer a forum for discussion of mental health. 

Television production teacher Brian Stackpoole assists in the development of Wellness Wednesdays, and is appreciative of both the helpful efforts of staff as well as students’ involvement in the seminars.

“We don’t want (the seminars) to be something where they feel forced to do,” Stackpoole said. “(We hope it’s) something that they just want to be able to go there and maybe just like unmute your microphone and just talk, because sometimes you might just need someone to talk to.”   

While students remain at home for virtual learning, North has worked to provide additional outlets to help students and staff with their mental health— such as these Wellness Wednesdays. With these programs, senior Ceci Doerr believes that the effort to help mental health is better than it has been in the past.

Although Doerr has not attended one of the Wellness Wednesday seminars, she attended the Mental Health Across Cultures seminar during IDEA week. 

“I think especially in times with (online) school, and everyone already feels pretty isolated, it’s nice to know that they’re still reaching out and trying to have more resources, and have the counselors still available for the students,” Doerr said. “So I feel like it definitely is good what they’re trying to do.”

When considering mental health, Doerr and Stackpoole believe it’s best to explore all the options, and these mental health seminars are an efficient way to provide emotional support and resources.  

 “I would just say please be open minded and come to (them),” Stackpoole said. “Stop by and check it out, it’s a way for everyone to connect with other people, which I feel like it’s just needed right now.”