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‘Table 19’ doesn’t expand out of its borders

Table 19 brings together an underrated cast for an average movie.

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Table 19 brings together an underrated cast for an average movie.

By Bella Lawson, Staff Reporter

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“Pitch Perfect”’s Anna Kendrick stars as Eloise, in the romantic, comedic and dramatic film, “Table 19.” Eloise, the ex-maid of honor, struggles to decide whether or not to attend the wedding of her oldest friend after her brother, and best man, dumped her over text.

She eventually decides to attend and finds herself sitting at the table furthest from the wedding and in the back of the ballroom with the strangers invited who “should have known to send their regrets.”

Eloise learns a lot from those seated at table 19, finding herself in a very uncomfortable situation at the wedding of her ex’s family, but meets quirky strangers and weird friendships. The people she meets are unusually and diverse, and the conversations that ensue between them create an interesting-yet-overused storyline.

Many audience members will be drawn to the show for its well known cast members such as Lisa Kudrow (“Friends”), Stephen Merchant (“Tooth Fairy”), Wyatt Russell (“22 Jump Street”) and of course Anna Kendrick. The actors play their roles well but the movie itself was destined for failure.

The plot is somewhat cliche, and the movie is predictable. Viewers can easily expect what happens next—it lacks surprising plot twists and interesting changes. Although the anticipated plotline is enjoyable and simple, it fails to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The end of the film is rushed and of course expected, and some aspects of the movie aren’t necessarily resolved at the end.

“Table 9” is a movie to view at home or with friends when you can check your phone throughout the movie, but not worth the cost of and drive to the theatres.

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