Students perform random acts of kindness for RAK day

By Madi Lucido and Natalie Babcock

Random Acts of Kindness week took place from Feb. 13 through Feb. 19, with Feb. 17 being RAK Day. RAK Day is a way to spread kindness and love throughout your communities, family, friends and for yourself. Many students and clubs participated by implementing kindness in their lives throughout the Random Acts of Kindness Week. 

FEELING GOOD BY DOING GOOD | Freshman Addie Wakefield takes on any opportunity she can to spread kindness. “I shovel my neighbor’s driveways and volunteer at anything I can [because it] makes me feel really good and appreciated by others,” Wakefield said.
(Photo credit: Natalie Babcock)
SPREADING THE LOVE | Sophomore Addyson Payne often reaches out and spends time with her loved ones either over the phone or in person. “I cooked for my family, spent time with my mom and dad, called my sister every day, and tell them I love them as much as possible,” Payne said.
(Photo credit: Madi Lucido)
PAYING IT BACK | Sophomore Sydney Newsome appreciates when acts of kindness are unexpected, so when she does something for another individual she goes above and beyond. “I paid for the driver behind me at Starbucks,” said Newsome. “I do them (acts of kindness) at random because acts of service are one of my love languages.” (Photo credit: Natalie Babcock)


HAPPY HABITS | Junior Eryn Cosgrove not only helps her loved ones, but also her furry friends in need of assistance. “I donated money to a fund for a dog in GP to get veterinary help because it wasn’t doing too well,” Cosgrove said. “Acts of kindness make other people happy and making other people happy makes me feel happy.”
(Photo credit: Madi Lucido)
STICKING TO POSITIVITY | Freshman Jillian Nixon strives to be kind while still fulfilling her own needs. “Me and my friends have put kind sticky notes up in stores in the village to brighten people’s day,” said Nixon. “When I don’t feel good mentally, I try to be really understanding with myself and know that the day isn’t going to be perfect and that’s okay.”
(Photo credit: Madi Lucido)





COOKING UP KINDNESS | Roustemis goes out of her way to do random acts of kindness without looking for anything in return. “I shoveled driveways and made dinner,” Roustemis said. “I choose to do them because it’s always nice to do a good thing for someone even if I don’t get anything in return.”
(Photo credit: Natalie Babcock)
GIVING GREEN AND GOLD | The Green and Gold Cafe is an in-school business where students with special needs sell coffee and snacks to teachers at North. Cafe advisor Sheila Doss teaches students job skills while they provide snacks and a smiling face to teachers. “We decided that we needed to take care of the staff members that take good care of us, so we offered free coffee to them all,” Doss said.
(Photo credit: Sheila Doss)
THE SERVICE MISSION | The Student Association strives to connect the community through acts of service. Senior and SA Vice President Sophia Graham participates in many events put on by SA.“ To give back to our community, we’ve run canned food drives, toy drives, coin collection projects for charity and our annual “Adopt-A-Family” project,” Graham said. “Without these random acts of kindness and service, we wouldn’t be fulfilling our mission as an organization.”
(Photo credit: Peggy Bonbrisco)