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Olivia Asimakis

Olivia Asimakis, Managing Editor

Hi friends. You can call me Liv. I’m a senior, and I’m the managing editor of North Pointe. I joined North Pointe my sophomore year, and it’s consumed me since. If I’m not glued to a computer in room B302 (our lovely headquarters) you can find me on the pool deck with wet and chlorine-scented hair. If I’m not swimming or slamming coffee to make my deadlines, I’m either walking my uber-adorable black lab, Jack, or I’m hooked on the next best show from Netflix. Criminal Minds when I’m feeling fearless and Friends when I need a belly-laugh. You will rarely find me doing anything without music. Staying up until 3 a.m. perfecting my latest playlist is completely normal. But the truest way to my heart is a new pair of the baggiest sweatpants you can find and Thai food (hold the spice). When it’s all said and done, North Pointe has given me an unexpected second family, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them and the hard work they put into this awesome publication and website.

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