Sleep is for the weak

Jake Miller begins new era with “2:00 am in LA”


Photo credit: Itunes

By Zoe Graves, Editor

At two in the morning, most people are sleeping. Not Jake Miller. Since January of this year when he split from his record label, Miller spent the early hours of the morning in his room, learning how to play the piano and produce music from the comfort of his apartment.

He began releasing what he called “Bedroom Tracks” on his YouTube channel and gave fans a link to download them for free. Four of the five songs Miller released as “Bedroom Tracks” appear on his most recent album, which was almost entirely self-produced and written by Miller.

The rapper turned singer released “2:00 am in LA” on June 16, a week after he announced the album’s existence to fans. It’s safe to say that this album was the start of a new era for Miller and his music.

The album starts off with “Can’t Help Myself,” which is the first of the “Bedroom Tracks.” It is the first song Miller produced himself, along with help from fellow musician CADE. It is the perfect song to introduce the album with, since it’s upbeat and has a catchy chorus. “Can’t Help Myself” is also the first and only song on the album so far to garner radio play, and has had immense support on that front by Z100 host Elvis Duran.

The only slow song on the album is “Sleeping With Strangers”—one of the homages to his ex-girlfriend, who he dated for eight years before they mutually agreed to end the relationship. In one of the few songs on the album solely written by Miller, he says “This lifestyle I have/It’s overrated, starting to hate it/Wasted and sad without you.”

Miller has referred to himself in multiple different interviews as a “girlfriend guy,” saying that he would much rather be in a relationship with one person rather than be single. He establishes that point of view perfectly in “Sleeping With Strangers” with lyrics like “Falling asleep at somebody else’s/It’s just not for me, I’m getting reckless/Maybe I hate sleeping with strangers.”

A few songs other songs on the album were inspired by the breakup, like the upbeat final track “Back To The Start.” This has been a fan favorite from Miller’s rapper roots, whereas on most of his recent music he’s favored singing over rapping. Miller used the name of this song as the title for his most recent tour, which he wrapped up in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale on Oct. 4.

Another fan favorite from the album is “Palm Blvd.” Undoubtedly the most personal song on the album, the name is derived from the street Miller grew up on with his parents and sister in Florida. When Miller explained the meaning behind the song to Just Jared Jr, he said that the meaning behind it is that he will never forget his roots, despite all the craziness he encounters while living his dream in Hollywood. The music video for the song is even filmed on Palm Blvd. in his childhood home in Fort Lauderdale.

Only four months after releasing “2:00 am in LA,” Miller announced on his Twitter that he would have another album coming early 2018, along with another tour.

Miller has not been shy about giving fans previews of what he’s been working on, and will normally have one or two videos on his Instagram and Snapchat stories of a beat or short snippet of  a song to be released soon.

“2:00 am in LA” is a new era for Miller and his fans, along with the music industry. Artists are proving that they can make and distribute their own music, without a label, and still come out on top. “2:00 am in LA” is one of the best projects Miller has made in years, and his next album will no doubt be even better.