Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff pack delivers boho style, but lacks movies

By Caitlin Bush and Allison Lackner

Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff pack adds a boho chic theme along with two movie related items to the Sims world. The themes combined aren’t compatible but the items prove useful for Simmers due to well execution. Still, EA should have created two separate packs, one for the boho items and one with a wider variety of movie items.

Create-a-Sim offers a carefree boho chic style for all ages and genders. The clothes fit the theme for boho chic but not for movie watching. The new clothes incorporate funky patterns, flowy dresses and classic John Lennon glasses. The clothes mimic Sims 3: Island Paradise with the summertime vibe both portray. A new laidback, long wavy hairstyle was a nice addition for the guy Sims. This hair is well made and would’ve been cool to see as an option for the kids as well. EA could have intertwined some of the male options with those for all Sims.

The boho chic style followed into the furniture and decor. Some of the new items include tapestries and tree lanterns. Plenty of boho chic decorations were included,  but little movie related objects were introduced. Among the few movie items are an indoor and outdoor movie projector and a popcorn maker.

In gameplay mode, the Sims are able to watch movies on the projector screens and make popcorn. The movies are in Sims 3 graphics and gameplay, offering simmers a trip down memory lane. Watching the movies are not only enjoyable for the Sim, but for the gamer too. But, to make the pack even more successful, EA should have incorporated a movie theater in town that the Sims could go to.

The lack of movie related objects is upsetting in this pack but EA makes up for it with the beautifully detailed hair, furniture and clothing. Overall, Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff is an enjoyable addition for gameplay, but it is solely a boho chic pack, not a movie hangout pack.