Senior Send Off

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To all of the seniors that have been deprived of the traditional last-year-of-high-school experience: this one’s for you. There was no usual prom, all-night party or senior morning breakfast. You might have missed spending all that time with your friends or going to Pancake House after your final exams, and it is difficult to acknowledge the absence of everything we hoped and dreamed our senior year to be. So from us to you, thank you for making our last moments together the most memorable. 

Just as you may have had a groundbreaking revelation in your academic or personal life over the past four years, so did the staff at North Pointe. After 50 years of tradition, we decided to do a complete redesign of our beloved paper. Walking into our senior year with a new style, we were apprehensive at first, but became overwhelmed by all the love and support we received. So thank you, to all our supporters, for believing in us and embracing our growth and change.

High school went by quickly, but not so fast that we could ignore all the effort you put into it. At North Pointe, we covered you year-by-year, drawing the public eye to the new clubs you created, the new records you broke and all of  the other accomplishments students achieved. This year we covered many new additions to what North had to offer, like the start of the Black Student Alliance, the Robotics state victories, or student-run businesses. If there is anything we have noticed, it is that when you have given it your all, you have always succeeded. 

At North Pointe, we have learned the same lesson. While we have certainly faced difficulties, it is our pleasure to announce that this year, we have received a Spartan Award, the highest award any high school newspaper in the state of Michigan can earn. And we could not have done it without you. Seniors, you have given us incredible content to publish, with your own businesses, organizations and clubs. But beyond that, thank you for picking up our paper and supporting us all the way.

Now our journey as executive editors comes to an end. Four long years will come to a close at our unique virtual graduation. Although it is not what any of us anticipated, it should be cherished nonetheless: it is our last moment together before we achieve something greater than high school, something greater than the North Pointe. Whether it’s pre-medicine or cybersecurity, fine arts or equestrian sports coaching, each one of you has a bright future ahead, if you are willing to go for it. After four years together, the North Pointe staff has seen you be successful by giving it your all, and we cannot wait to see you do it again.