The privilege of staying home and staying safe


By Hannah Zalewski, Managing Editor

As of April 2, due to the Covid-19 pandemic spreading across America, all Michigan schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year unless social distancing restrictions are suspended before then, according to While some of Michigan debates the validity of social distancing measure’s extent, I think I can speak for all seniors when I say, this is not what I meant when I wished for high school to be over. 

From someone who has been experiencing senioritis since the beginning of October, I had been looking forward to the end of school and all the lovely senior experiences that were supposed to accompany the year, including graduation, college decision day, prom, and senior spirit week. But all of these events have quickly disappeared from reality. We may never experience any of them. 

Yes, I know, it’s undoubtedly frustrating to work so hard at something, make sacrifices and then never get to experience the very best parts of it. We have all gone to school for 12 years waiting for these three months that were supposed to be the most enjoyable. But I think it is important to remember it could be so much worse.

High school seniors from 1969-1975 were subject to the draft lottery during the Vietnam War. If they hadn’t already enlisted, out of desire to fight for their country, they would sit by the television or radio waiting to hear if they had been selected to register, according to

Instead of enduring the possibility of being forced to put their life on the line, seniors are upset that they have to sit at home and stay safe from the virus. Although I cannot speak for everyone, in a community like Grosse Pointe, many families do have the privilege of being able to do this and do so comfortably. It seems almost asinine to be upset at the loss of senior experiences if staying home protects the whole population. It is a small sacrifice to make, while experts research the virus and learn its true lethality.

Although I may never get a bike day or a senior all-night party, I am thankful I can stay home and stay safe. And if you can, you should be too.