Senior Prom 2020 Postponed

By Cassady Pierzinski, Intern

This year, seniors’ expectations of the much anticipated senior prom are constantly having to be readdressed. Due to the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, the event was postponed, and is expected to be held on July 30. Students will head to the Roostertail, which will be decorated with assorted gold, black and silver in a 1920s theme. 

Senior Emily Widgren, senior class president, voices her disappointment in the change of plans. “ I have spent a lot of time trying to put this event on and I was really looking forward to it.”  

The arrangements for senior prom at the Roostertail have changed, placing it at an inconvenient time for some graduated seniors. Widgren has already adapted her schedule to the situation, planning separately with friends. 

She points out that prom is about more than just the extravagance of the event, expressing a sentiment shared by many. “While it won’t be as fun as our normal prom, it isn’t the venue that makes prom what it is; it’s about being with your friends.”

Prom was not the only senior event affected by the pandemic. The All-Night Party is an event that many seniors looked forward to, as well as the graduation ceremony. 
Scheduled speaker for the graduation ceremony, Widgren stated, “Since I’m class president, I get to give a speech and I would have been able to sit on the stage with Clare Loch, who is the Student Association president and Mrs. Murray which I was excited for. After seeing three classes before me partake in all of the senior events, I grew more and more excited to be able to participate in these events so not being able to has been really upsetting for me.”

Despite the disappointment of not having the usual last get together with her class and a constantly changing schedule, Widgren remains in high spirits. While there is a date set for prom, Alyssa Sandoval, a senior class advisor, points out that some seniors are still doubtful.Seniors are skeptical, but grateful for the reschedule. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for them to have to reschedule things just for them to be canceled again, so, while I think that they are happy to have an event to look forward to, they are cautiously optimistic.”

 The senior send off this year has been shockingly different from previous years, but, true to the Norsemen spirit, Emily believes they are making the best of it. “I believe that they (the schools) are handling everything to the best of their abilities.”