Riders adds action to original story

Riders adds action to original story

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By Katelynn Mulder, Assistant Editor

An original story paired with endless action, Veronica Rossi’s Riders will surpass the reader’s expectations.

Recovering from his own death, main character Gideon Blake experiences a series of strange events. Least of all is a mysterious girl informing him that he is now War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Blake embarks on a dangerous adventure to find the other three horsemen and defend a holy object from the seven deadly demons.  

One thing that makes this book unique is the writing style. Rossi has written the book so that its Blake being interrogated by a government agency on what had occurred up until that point. By switching the story from what leads up to this moment and then back to the present, readers get to experience the story while being kept in suspense. This unique way of writing was bold and worked well with the storyline.

Another good thing about this book was that the realistic characters that each have flaws and different motives that keep them defending the object. With so many diverse characters it is almost guaranteed that the reader will find one they can relate to or like.

One thing that could have been improved in this novel was the pace. While a fast action-packed storyline can keep readers turning the page, this books pacing was just a little too fast. The first few characters the reader gets to know really well, but the ones who arrive later on in the story get glossed over and stereotyped. If the author had expanded on them it would have definitely improved the story.

Riders will keep readers drawn and invested into the story throughout the entire book. There is seldom a part during the book where the reader will have to force themselves to read. Rossi’s unique writing style and entertaining story will have readers unable to put down the book.