Nothing like a ‘Warm Glow’ to put you to sleep

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By Zoe Graves, Page Editor

Seven months after releasing their debut album “Landmark,” Saint Paul, Minnesota natives Hippo Campus are back with a new EP. “Warm Glow” features three new tracks with a sound reflecting the title, but still manages to fall short. The record is nothing new from the band’s previously established indie pop/rock sound. Yet, the hypnotic voice of lead singer Jake Luppen, who goes by Turntan, still manages to draw the listener in. However, Turntan’s vocals can only do so much to make up for the repetitive melodies.

“Baseball,” the first song on the EP, is enticing. It starts off with a bouncy melody that you can’t help but tap your foot to. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP, but isn’t anything special. It’s a good way to start off the album. It’s loose and fun, but sounds just like anything else the band has put out.

Immediately after “Baseball,” “Traveler” starts, springing another song at listeners before they have time to digest the previous one. Despite the obviously different guitar patterns from “Baseball,” the two songs still manage to sound the same after a few listens.

“Warm Glow,” the title and final track on the album is the most unique out of the three. The melody is relaxed and almost lilting, giving listeners a feeling of the warm glow of a summer day. However, the song should’ve been over halfway through. The six-minute long ending track repeats the chorus for about a minute and a half before another minute and a half of the melody, which ends the song. The 16-word long chorus repeats six times before the instrumental part plays, ruining the end of the song.

At the end of the day, “Warm Glow” is just another indie pop record with a few alternative traits. The three songs get tiring after a few listens and leave you with a nagging feeling that you’ve heard them somewhere else. It’s a good record, but it’s been done before and isn’t anything special to listen to.