Lashes for days, or not: Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara



Photo credit: MILK Makeup

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern

Mascaras have been a game changer for the beauty industry since the first commercial-selling mascara was invented in 1822, with the very first mascara dated all the way back to 3500 B.C. Mascara has also been rated the most-used cosmetic item for the last few years in “Hashtag Australia.” 

Founded by Milk Studios back in 2016, leading brand Milk Makeup has been selling their wide variety of vegan cosmetics. Milk sells almost all cosmetics— from primer to mascara— with amazing reviews across the board. Introduced in April 2020, Milk Makeup’s new “Kush” mascara is only available in black on most sites, retailing for $24 and rated ⅘ stars on most websites selling the product and I think this rating really fits the product overall for everyone. 

The formula of this product is the perfect in-between of a thick and thin formula to make your lashes look flawless. You can also build this mascara to go from a very natural look to the illusion of false eyelashes. As you read the description of the product, “A high-volume mascara formulated with heart-shaped fibers, conditioning hemp-derived cannabis seed oil and pure pigments for an intense black finish,” you can be sure to get the full effect. The description does not lie. You get great coating even from the smallest amount to give your eyes that extra pop to look awake. The tube of mascara is an amazing size making it worth the extra money being spent.

Although the formula is great and pigment is amazing, after hours of wear, if worn on your bottom eyelashes, the product runs under the eyes, giving a racoon-like look. Using a priming mascara on your bottom lashes before applying the mascara will give it the extra wear time for those long nights and still look flawless. Reapplication may be needed depending on how long you wear and the look you will be going for.

Before making the purchase of this mascara I would suggest that you make sure the tube was not tested or opened in any way to ensure you will be getting the full effects from the product safely. 

The product and the formula of the “Kush” mascara is worth the money being spent if you are willing to put in a little extra cash to get it. While you can find dupes at the drugstore close to the formula for less of the cost, it is still worth the money. You can find this mascara at Sephora and some online stores for the price of $24 in full size and a mini for $12.