Lamelo hustles harder


By Tommy Teftsis, Assistant Editor

Possibly the most hyped high school player since Lebron James, I guarantee you will hear about Lamelo Ball in the next week or so if you haven’t already.

The sophomore basketball player from Chino Hills, California dropped 92 points on Wednesday night against Los Osos High School. He had 62 points in the second half and 41 in the fourth quarter. Ball made 37 out of 61 shots, had 11 free throws, and went seven from 22 from the three point line. It was an outstanding performance even from him to say the least.

Lamelo is known to be one of the most entertaining kids in high school basketball. He came into stardom last year when he was a freshman on the varsity team alongside his two brothers-Lonzo (a freshman at UCLA, and Mcdonald’s All American, and Liangelo (also a UCLA commit along with the other two boys). They were internet sensations; three prodigy brothers on the same team winning every title imaginable.

But without Lonzo, Lamelo has shined even more as a player.

Everytime I watch Lamelo’s highlights from his previous game, he’s always doing something crazy, like getting revenge on players that crossed him, or tossing up dime oops to the big men, or shooting insane 3’s, even pointing to the halfcourt line, and cashing a 42-foot shot from half court which was later recognized by Steph Curry.

His skills are flawless, and he makes defenders look motionless, his jumper looks weird but it doesn’t miss, and his passing is on point.

But there is one thing that is strange about this team, it seems that most of the players are low scoring, and one or two players have insanely large scoring numbers, and the teams are competing at triple digit numbers.

This reason is because of the team’s play technique. It seems that the players just pass in after a defensive play, and chuck the ball down court to Lamelo, and Liangelo all game. They win by incredibly big margins, but they are not really playing basketball.

Every Chino Hills fan talks about the team’s insane scoring margins, and its cheeky shots but they don’t often take into consideration that the team has perfected its ability to play extremely offensive.  

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(Photo credit: Los Angeles Times)