KIB: Week of 4/22


By Adam Schwartz, Page Editor

  1. On Thursday April 26th, there is a half day for all students due to afternoon staff development. Students will report to class at regular time and will be dismissed at 10:55 A.M. All classes will be attended during the half day for a shorter period of time. For my information on half days click here.
  2. The all new Avengers movie “Infinity War” premieres in theatres on April 23rd. This movie centers around the Avengers coming together again to battle their most powerful enemy, Thanos. The fate of the planet is in their hands. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.
  3. The Detroit Tigers will play against the Pirates on Monday, April 23rd in Pittsburg at 7:05 p.m. with Jordan Zimmermann on the mound. The Tigers wrapped up on a homestand with the Kansas City Royals on Sunday, April 22nd. For more information on the Tigers and their schedule, click here.
  4. A seventeen year old student at Forest High School in Florida was shot on Friday April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado. The victim was shot by a nineteen year old who did not attend the school and taken to the hospital, where they are expected to make a full recovery. To read more, click here.
  5. The Parents Club at Grosse Pointe North High School will be holding their annual fashion show on Thursday, April 26th. Parents Club encourages everyone to make a donation if they are unable to attend. To purchase tickets, click here.