‘It’s Strange!’ but who are we to judge?


Photo credit: Comicverse

By Josie Bennett and Alyssa McLarty

After a whopping 14 movies since its first release in 2008 with “Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to grow. Now with the latest face to the melting pot of cinema super heroes, “Doctor Strange”

It avoids the cookie-cutter mold typical to the Marvel universe. Sure, it has a high-production budget and an A-list cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s “Sherlock” series) and Tilda Swinton (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”), but the story itself departs from Marvel’s usual formula.

For instance, Doctor Strange’s world of magic and multiple dimensions is new. While the events of previous Marvel movies don’t seem to have an impact on this storyline, a brief Avengers reference lets viewers know they’re still in part of the Marvel universe.

Along with its new formula, the movie sports a trippy vibe, with kaleidoscope- like dimensions that captivate and confuse at the same time. It’s certainly a fun twist, but viewers can’t catch everything in the first sitting.

This leads to the brilliant graphics of this movie. Aside from Harry Potter, few movies have been able to visually capture the mystical quality of magic. Viewers leave feeling satisfied.

“Doctors Strange’s” plot movement is another major plus. It’s well developed, and viewers become attached to the sarcastic surgeon-turned-sorcerer with the astronomic IQ.

Cumberbatch showcases Stephen Strange’s internal struggle and perseverance throughout the movie so expertly that it’s hard for viewers not to love him even though they hate him for the first third of the movie.

Other phenomenal characters like the ancient one played by Swinton, and the sorcerer master Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), also gave viewers more sentiment to obsess over.

This movie is by far worth multiple viewings, and showed a significant increase in quality compared to other movies of its kind.