Gymnastics team falls short on first meet

Gymnastics team falls short on first meet

Photo credit: Claire Yee

By Emily McCloskey and Sarah Shanley

The gymnastics team competed in their first meet on Dec. 12 at Fraser High School. The team lost by a few points, but sophomore Claire Yee is proud of how they did and is hopeful for the upcoming meet on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

“What I probably enjoy most is the adrenaline I get from competing. I don’t know why,” Yee said. “But if I’m just doing my routine during practice I get really tired. But in the middle of a meet I just get the adrenaline, and I do it perfect.”

Both freshman Cate Gaginer and Yee both agree that the floor event is their favorite event. During the meets, Yee says the team never fails to support one another.

  The team practices run from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Before meets, Gagnier feels the team practices are more difficult than usual.

“I’m really focused and I practice my routines at North two times a week,” Gagnier said. “Everyone’s a little tense right before meets.”

Gagnier and Yee both enjoy being a part of the team and are looking forward to what the rest of the season holds.  

“I love the sport, I love the program that we have, and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Yee said. “It’s a great experience, and our coaches are actually amazing, and I would never stop it.”