Girls varsity soccer beats South High School


Photo credit: Ava DeLoach

Sophomore Chloe Redeye, 14, dribbles the ball around a defender

By Trevor Mieczkowski, Assistant Editor

The girls varsity soccer team faced off against South last Wednesday and won 4-1.

This victory was one the seniors had longed for, according to coach Olivia Stander.

“I was happy for the seniors because that was their first time beating South,” Stander said. “I knew that they really wanted it just by looking at their faces and seeing that weight lifted off of them was just so nice to see.”

Senior captain Caelin Micks attributes the team’s win to hard work.

“We just came into that week knowing that we had a big game,” Micks said. “We had a game before that one so we had to focus one game at a time and we had to go into South knowing that they are our rivals, but if we play our game, the outcome will be in our favor.”

To prepare for the game, the girls watched film of them playing from previous games to allow them to reflect on how they performed and fix their mistakes. They also practiced their footwork and kicking shots.

Because sophomore Katie Link plays goalie, there was added stress for her.

“It is just nerve wracking and there is lots anxiety because you don’t want to let a ball pass you and have it go into the net,” Link said.

Although they won the game, Stander feels that the team still needs to work on communication.

Looking ahead, this game is just the tip of the iceberg. The Norsemen have a long road ahead of them, one that Micks hopes takes them to states.

“We really just want to make it to districts and go past districts, we just want to go further and make it all the way to states one step at all,” Micks said.