Early homecoming ticket sales bring increased profit


Photo credit: Caitlin Bush

By Michal Ruprecht, Assistant Editor

Do your pockets feel lighter? That’s probably because you bought your homecoming ticket the week of the homecoming dance rather than the week before.

Student Association decided to sell tickets for $15 the Wednesday-Friday before spirit week and for $20 the week of homecoming. In previous years, ticket sales were only held the week of homecoming. This deal was offered to students as an initiative to boost ticket sales early on in order to increase revenue and disperse sales throughout two weeks.

“I think that having it at that (price) you can get two tickets for $30 for the first week of ticket sales. That’s saving a lot of money compared to $40,” junior Maddy Martinbianco said. “I think having it at $15 for the first part was a smart idea and it saves a lot for people if you were to count.”

Senior Olivia Randazzo, who is the SA president, noticed that the new process worked more smoothly. She hopes the process stays the same next year because of positive feedback from students.

Photo credit: Nathan Lonczynski

“In the past it’s always been really crazy buying tickets for people and it was always really busy the week of homecoming so we thought that … it would give people more incentive to buy them earlier opposed of them waiting until the last minute to buy them,” she said. “It just really helps SA kick off some of the stress from ticket sales because it’s always a really stressful time for us.”

According to SA adviser Jonathan Byrne, the group raised about $2,000 more compared to last year. With this increase in revenue, SA hopes to expand their role in the community by doing more service projects and giving donations to those in need.

Martinbianco believes SA’s push for more community service will benefit the school’s image.

“By charging even the $5 more per ticket the money is still all going back to the classes and the community because SA is here to support the individual classes or charities or things within the school,” Martinbianco said. “By increasing the revenue we’re helping the school out a little bit more.”