Defying the odds


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Leicester City hoisting their trophy after winning the English Premier League.

By Tommy Teftsis, Assistant Editor

The English Premier League is the highest watched soccer league in the entire world, so the competition is always relevant.

This year, the competition came out of nowhere. A true underdog story erupted.

Leicester City was ranked 14 out of 20 teams last year, and wasn’t even in the league the year before that. But you never count out an underdog.

This year they beat out all of the popular, profit-focused teams and won the league with a total of 80 points. Some consider it the largest soccer upset of all time. I think it is incredible.

When a team wins the league it means that they have the most points. Points are earned through competitionthree for a win, one for a tie and zero for a loss. Eighty points is amazing.

The odds that Leicester City would emerge victorious in the premiership was 5000-1. Leicester along with the Blackburn Rovers were the only teams ever to win the premier league that weren’t apart of the big five: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, who together won 22 premier league titles. The fact that Leicester City won the league is astounding. There is a higher chance of the lochness monster would be discovered or that William and Kate would’ve had triplets last August than Leicester winning.

Like I said, they are underdogs, and victorious ones at that.

It is very uncommon that Leicester City would be the premier league champions because their team spending isn’t even comparable to that of the big five. Manchester City, one of the top legendary teams, spent $292 million when assembling their team. The Leicester City roster totaled a mere $21 million.

Looks like money can’t buy everything.

This just goes to show that in some cases, budgets aren’t as big of a factor as one might think. Especially in the game of soccer, there are many other factors to consider. It could be the heart and chemistry that the team brings, or it could be due to injuries on other teams.

Even without a sky-high budget, Leicester City still has superstars. Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez have become to face of the team, and with good reason. These two phenomenons have scored a total of 41 goals and had 17 assists combined in the regular season so far. The speed of Vardy and the skill of Mahrez make the team enjoyable to watch. In a team that is considered to be underdogs, they do a good job leading the pack.

To surpass legendary teams and make it to the top of the table is a rare occurrence. Cheering for the underdog team what makes soccer so exciting, but this team is so solid that they can’t be referred to as an underdog anymore.

Leicester City’s story is why some call soccer “the beautiful game.”