Britney Spears-based app is similar to other related games


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By Allison Lackner, Assistant Editor

If one is looking for a game to suck all their free time away, download Britney Spears: American Dream. The app seller, Glu Games Inc., stays true to their title. The games they produce are addicting.

This company just released its newest game with Britney Spears, but it is essentially a replica of  Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Kendall and Kylie.

The two similar apps, Britney Spears: American Dream and Kendall and Kylie, are following in the footsteps of the original Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. They follow the pattern of avatar meets star and becomes a celebrity. With the star’s help the character will become extremely popular in the game by following the star’s way. These three games are basically the same yet have different celebrities sponsoring the game.

If the gamer enjoys story-mode adventures, at first the game will start off by telling the player what to do, simply making them follow a path. Once the arrows are gone, the game can become extremely confusing.

What makes Britney Spears: American Dream different from the other two is the goal is to become a superstar and make music, hence the name American Dream. In the other games it is just about fame and status. An alternative name might be Britney Spears: Popstar, which would have allowed the gamer to feel that there is more to life than becoming super popular and rich.  

These games can tend to make the gamer question if they want to spend real money on outfits or items for the character—if one becomes really addicted. Having theses expensive options for outfits is how Spears makes money from this app so the game developers make every cute outfit expensive. These outfits aren’t just for girls either. The game allows users to pick if they want their avatar to be a boy or girl, but either way the temptation to drain real money is always present.

Britney Spears: American Dream is technically new, but it is just another money-grabbing simulation game that happened to be made by a celebrity. Users may enjoy the game for a while, but most likely will lose interest and move onto something more sustaining.



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