At the edge of history and my seat: New series installment captivates both new and old audiences


By Mary Bentley, Staff Reporter

National Treasure: Edge of History is a fresh take on the National Treasure movie series from the early 2000s featuring Nicholas Cage. The Edge of History series features new faces of four friends, including a Grosse Pointe native Antonio Ciprano graduate of the University of Liggett, who hopes to unravel the mystery behind their friend Jess’s father, all while trying to beat the villainous billionaire Billie and her bodyguards to it. The treasure is connected to ancient Mayan, Aztec, and Incan themes. The history behind the treasure is rooted within the dark history of the Conquistador invasion, highlighting the impact of colonization throughout history.

The show started slow, focusing on the setting and characters for too long. I found that the characters featured were overused personalities that were very similar to other Disney TV show characters. The story seems like it was meant more for a younger audience because there was not much complexity to many of the main characters or the plot of the show. My attitude changed when the show finally started to follow the search for the mysterious treasure.

Once the actual search in the third episode started, the long buildup finally paid off. The search rose in intensity as Jess and her friends raced against Billie and her followers to find the final treasure with help from beyond the grave from former FBI agent Peter Sadusky,  a significant character in the National Treasure series. He was the FBI agent who was originally in the first National Treasure movie, tying the show into the universe. Though this was a creative tie-in, however, the overuse of the plot line throughout this particular franchise lacks originality. The entire series has relied on the cat-and-mouse race of trying to find some sort of historical treasure. So for audiences who have never seen the movies this may be a great TV show. For those who remember seeing Nicholas Cage in one of his most well-known roles, the series may be a bit familiar but still delivers well. 

Despite the show being filmed during the pandemic, not all the characters were wearing sweatpants. The costumes of all characters involved fit their personalities to a tee, as Billie’s elegant yet simple style of a silk shirt with a black skirt speaks to her billionaire status. While Jesse and her friends may not have as many funds at their disposal, Jesse has a casual but chic style consisting of jeans, collared shirts and different types of sweaters, clothing that a young woman like her would wear on an outing with friends. The use of clothing that both spoke to the character’s personality and situation help bring the story to life.

Though the show drops episodes weekly, I will be waiting for the next one every Wednesday for another advancement in the quest for Jess and her friends to find the hidden treasure. This is a show that deserves a 4-star rating.