Students giving back this winter season


Junior Helena Haney’s hat business is running smoothly financially. She’s already made hundreds of hats to give and hundreds more in dollars of profits to give. “I think I’ve sold over 300 hats now, and I raised about $890 for charity,” Haney said.

By Drew Lovell, Intern

Although many students, teachers and community members have been plagued by challenges as a result of COVID-19, many students are still finding ways to make differences in the community.

Junior Helena Haney, for example, started a hat making business two months ago in which she donates 30 percent of her sales to charity.

“I started a business on Instagram,” Haney said. “I make hats and all the profit goes to a women’s shelter in Detroit; I only keep enough money to make more ads.”

Haney has said she is very pleased with the participation in the community, which has allowed her to raise almost $900 for charity.

Other students, like Senior Maegan Daher, have continued to help their communities in the same way they did pre pandemic and have expanded their efforts since then.

Daher is a part of freshman-assisting program LINK Crew, serves as the vice president of the National Honors Society and tutors in Detroit. She loves being able to help the community, but yearns to do more, especially in areas where there aren’t as many resources to assure students’ success.

“I would say I didn’t really get to do as much in person tutoring as I wanted to,” Daher said.  “I know there’s programs you can do to tutor kids in Grosse Pointe Schools and all; everyone has access to a tutor if they want an NHS tutor, but they don’t have that in the Detroit schools.”

NHS advisor Kimberly Deptula says that although it has been a difficult year, she is immensely proud of the students in the NHS.  She admires their reliability and ideas, and is overjoyed to be working with them through this time.

“I am proud of these students for taking on this role, for helping, and for supporting their fellow members in these challenging times,” Deptula said.