Staying in shape during quarantine

By Colin Duffy, Staff Reporter

 For many of us, working out is a staple 0f our everyday lives. Whether it’s a 50 year old Grosse Pointe mom going for a run on the treadmill, or a 6’5″ Division I athlete hitting some bi’s and tri’s, the gym can be a second home. Now that we can’t go to the gym to grind, we’ve had to get creative and use household items to stay healthy and prepare our “summer bods.” 

Yes, binging the “Tiger King” sounds nice, but not as nice as binging a playlist of at-home workouts from your favorite Instagram influencer. It is very important to get off the couch and  stay active during quarantine; the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a minimum of 150 of casual or 75 minutes of “rigorous” exercise per week. 

Junior Amelia Schock exercises daily to ensure that she remains fit. Schock understands the importance of staying active during this time and has had to adapt to quarantine restrictions which make it difficult to remain active.

“I have been trying to work out about 6 days a week,” Schock said. “Some days I’ll go for runs outside, or just workout in my basement and run on the treadmill.” 

Going on runs is an effective way to remain healthy, but for others who wish to build strength, the WHO encourages individuals to subscribe to an online trainer, or an online workout class. Online exercise tutorials have become immensely abundant during our isolation, they offer everything whether you are trying to build muscle or cardiovascular fitness.  

Schock has been able to exercise at home and stay in shape by using online workout pages. Fusion Integrated Training, a popular fitness center on Mack Ave, has provided helpful workouts on their Instagram, that are made available for people of all ages. 

In many ways, exercising improves much more than just our physical health, it also helps to keep us sane. In an article from the US National Library of Medicine, it is found that exercise directly correlates with helping alleviate anxiety and depression because exercise works as a distraction, reducing the symptoms of these disorders. 

“Working out helps you to get up, get active, and be productive,” Schock said. “Working out is also good for your mental health.” 

Staying active during quarantine is essential, and should be practiced by all those who have extra time on their hands to be productive.