Now is the time for Christmas spirit

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By Allison Lackner, Assistant Editor

Nov. 1 has already come and gone. I’m ready for Halloween decorations to be put away and the Christmas decor to come up. Don’t get me wrongHalloween is a great holiday and so is Thanksgiving, but Christmas is the perfect holiday.

But now, I’m worried. There are so many seasonal Christmas things to do that if we all don’t start now we may fall behind.

Halloween is great, but it is just one night. This week I put up multi-colored Christmas lights in my room.  My mom didn’t let me spread my holiday cheer around the rest of my house because she thinks it’s too early. She keeps implying I’m the crazy one, and she might be right. Yet I will get a head start and enjoy having my decorations up, despite the fact that it’s still warm enough to wear sandals to school.

Our carved pumpkins will be rotten in a few days, therefore they should be replaced with Christmas decorations. I am not jumping the gun, I’m just being practical. Thanksgiving is great, but who loves Thanksgiving decorations? Nothing can compare to to Christmas.

Bring out the Santas and the snowmen. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s 70 degrees outside, yet snowmen bring needed holiday cheer to my room, which has a clear view of trees with leaves on them and snowless streets.

I’m completely obsessed with Christmas music. Christmas songs can make me smile even in the midst of doing a pile of homework. It has remained constant in my life, and the classics never go out of style.

100.3 WNIC started playing the other day and I got extremely angry when they weren’t playing Christmas music. They advertised that Nov. 2 would be the premiere of my favorite music, but why delay? Halloween is over. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Oct. 31, it’s Christmas time. I will be listening to my Christmas playlist for two months but I need all the time I can have to jam to the tale of my favorite reindeer.

I have always watched Christmas movies early too. There are so many that if you don’t start now you could miss a few, and who could possibly celebrate the holidays knowing that they’ve missed any airing of Rudolph or Elf? I couldn’t name a single Christmas movie I wouldn’t want to watch, because each one has a special place in my heart.

My obsession with the season may be early, and I might be a bit crazy. Either way, my own holiday season is well underway.