News brief: Homecoming float progress


FRESHMAN FLOAT FORMATION: Ninth graders Elliot, Karin, and Delia (pictured left to right) puff poms for their birthday themed float on Wednesday.

By Sophie Kehrig, Intern

Turnout for this week’s first float parties has left much to be desired from every class, but advisors remain optimistic.

“[Student participation is]  lower than probably I’d like to be, but I realize that seniors are doing many different things, especially right now is the top season for college applications, so that obviously comes first,” senior class advisor Sean McCarroll said. Regardless, he has “strong confidence” in a potential victory for his class.

Elizabeth Michaels, the junior class advisor is enthusiastic about the culmination of their float.

“It’s always exciting for me to see like the big picture come together. So we’ve been working on these little pieces since July, but then to finally see the whole thing come together is really cool,” Michaels said.

Although sophomore advisor Alyssa Sandoval is worried about time constraints, she’s assured that the class has a great chance at winning, especially because she believes the 10th graders have stepped up their game this year.

“I’m really excited about going bigger and better than what we had last year. Last year our float was smaller, which is good  because we were freshmen. Now that we’re moving into sophomore year I think it’s better to be on a larger scale and have that design be a little more intricate,” Sandoval said.

Chemistry teacher and freshman advisor Kristen Lee is the newest member of the team, and she’s apprehensive about the construction of their first float.

“I always love the pep assembly and it’ll be cool to be involved from this other angle, it’s just a little stressful getting to that point.” Lee said.

Unsurprisingly, every class seems to be sure that they’ll win the float competition on Friday. Now, it’s only a matter of participation and time until a victor emerges.