Fluff of a pup


By Mora Downs, Assistant Editor

As I stare into his furry face, my heart melts and I fall even more in love with him, even while he’s tearing my flesh with his sharp, tiny teeth.

Puppies are hard work. They believe the world is their chew toy and attack everything close to their faces. Some adventurous pups find ways to have several brushes with danger, immediately prevented by their owners. Luckily, that is not my case.

I have now had my puppy Rory for a week and I have learned puppies and babies are almost identical in behavior. Both keep you up at night with their whimpering, but they are little and adorable, so it’s worth it.

As I’m typing, my 9-week-old goldendoodle is perched in my lap and is giving me “puppy kisses.” If that isn’t cute enough, he’s also trying to type.

If this relationship is too attached for your taste, then puppies might not be for you. Rory has to be monitored constantly to make sure he’s safe and won’t trash the house.

My biggest struggle with Rory is that he hates to be held, which is annoying because he is too small to go down the stairs by himself. Not to mention, he bites my hand when I pick him up. Currently, Rory is crying because he’s on my lap and not comfortably on the ground.

Another difficult factor of having a young pup is disciplining him. I swear, Rory’s favorite pastimes are chewing shoes and eating my hair, but how am I supposed to scold him when he looks at me with puppy dog eyes, literally.

Despite his irritating puppy traits, I adore Rory because he can’t help it. He’s too precious to stay mad at anyways.